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Active X web Control vs .Net web Controls

I have been doing this for a while and it constently amazes me about the most common things that I cannot speak intelligently about.  

When developing a web based application in vb.net what is the difference between Active X controls and .Net controls.  I am being quized by a client and am trying to increase my knowledge about the inner workings. To this point I have been fotunate in that the controls work and I could concentrate on the business layer. Now I need to extend my knowlege so the help and guidence is appreciated.

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an active x control is often a client side control - executing in the address space of the browser. a .NET control on the other hand runs in the servers address space.

active x controls can also run on the server - but this is less common, COM objects tend tio be used in this case.
active x controls also only work in IE and unless they are signed people wont trust them. this is because they have complete unrestricted access to the host they are runing on, for example they can format a disk etc, this is unlike a java applet for example which can not say write to the local disk.

signing an active x makes a nice dialog pop up with a name on it - the user can then choose to trust the control based on the name shown. active x controls can also be marked 'safe for scripting', this means that code within the browser can manipulate the control using VB Script for example.

signing a control is generally not such an issue when the control is on a LAN based web site, and the author is known and trusted. although you may want to warn your users so they expect an unsigned control

on the other hand, a .NET web control is 'executed' on the SERVER, and what is sent to the Client is PURE HTML, there is generally no client-side executable code (possibly some small amount of JavaScript).  This makes the .NET web control much more general, and .NET web controls can be used almost independent of the browser, without any of the client-side security issues.


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