Importing DNS records to new server?

Hello All,

I currently have a box running windows 2000 server, that is setup exclusively as a DNS server.  I will be replacing that server with another one and was wanting to find out if there is method to copy or import the DNS records from the old server to the new one without having to manually create all of them?

Thanks for the help.....:-)
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TannerManConnect With a Mentor Commented:
NJC is right, if this is an Active Directory Integrated DNS server on both old and new. However, if they are NOT, then you can do this.......

At the old server open up properties for each DNS zone and on the Transfers setting allow the IP of your new server so it has authority to copy zone changes.
At the new machine create a SECONDARY zone for each of your forward and lookup zones, providing the IP of your OLD server for it to pull the records from.
Once the records are pulled, you can then CHANGE each zone to PRIMARY thus not having to re-create any of your DNS records.
Shutdown your old server and make sure all your DNS client's IP settings are changed to the new DNS server's IP address for name resolution

Hope it helps.
You can just set the new server and the old server to replicate with one another.  This will copy the records.
You can try to follow this document that shows zone transfers:
Nirmal SharmaSolution ArchitectCommented:
>>>exclusively as a DNS server.

That means you are not running Domain Controller on this pc and therefore it is not integrated with AD. So that's an easy job as said by both the experts. Remember only one thing in your mind. If any domain controller in your network is pointing to this server or registered its Service Location records in this DNS server then you might need to re-create them or your domain controller will not work.


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