Monitor leaves a latent image for a split second

Hi guys once again.

I hope you might be able to help. I have just built myself a new system and I never experienced this before, not with the old system anyway. It didn't happen on the old system even with the same monitor being used.

I have just built myself an AMD 64 3000+ on a MSI Neo4 Platinum 939 board with 1 gig of ram. My monitor is a Philips 170c4.

When I open and close aplications or windows I get like a quick flickering effect and a latent image on the screen a bit like the monitor cannot cope with the speed, or I might be wrong. Its like a ghosting effect buts its difficult to describe really. Its like I can still see the previous screen for a split second after closing or opening a window.

I was wondering if anyone new what this might be and if there is anyway that I can cure it. Is it the refesh rate??

I run the monitor in the recommened mode which is 1280x1024 @60Hz.

Thx again guys for your help.
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CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try a few other driver versions: I have tried 66.93, 71.80, 75.90 beta, and only 75.90 beta worked without stuttering for me.  I have the XFX 6600GT, and I noticed artifacts like what you saw, until I installed the better driver.  75.90 can be found on Guru3D's site.
You didn't specify what video card you have, but I'm betting it's new and the driver is in transition (nVidia?).  You may need to try installing a different version, because this is an artifact.  If the card is new, there is also the possibility that the card is faulty.
Zippy77777Author Commented:
Yes the card is brand new. Its an MSI (same as the board) an MSI 6600gt 128MB DDR. I have downloaded all the new nvidia geforce drivers for both the board and the gpu. I would hope that the card is not faulty!!! What do you think?
Hook another computer up to it and test.  If it does it there you have a problem with the Monitor.  If it doesn't then its your video card, which could be a problem.

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