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I've created a form, and I wish to use JSP to ensure that a user fills in all of my required fields... the code that I have at the moment works in IE, but when used in Firefox, it finds the unfilled fields but says they're "undefined" rather than telling me what fields they are (and therefore needs to be filled in)... can someone please help me? And maybe even suggest a better way to code it (since I know this code probably isn't the best or simplest way to do what I need)... Thank you! (see code below)

// JavaScript Document

    var reqfields = new Array();
    var intArrayCount = 0;

    function defineRequired(str)
                  reqfields = reqfields.concat (str.split(',')) ;
//                  displayArray();
       function requiredCheck(obj,str)
                  //alert (obj);
                  if (obj.checked) {
                        //alert (obj+" is checked") ;
                        defineRequired(str) ;
                        //alert (obj+" is unchecked");
                        scanArray(str) ;
      function scanArray(str) {
            //scans array & find position
            var tempArray = new Array() ;
            tempArray = str.split(',') ;
            //alert ("Temp Array Length "+tempArray.length);
            for(k=0;k<tempArray.length;k++) {
                  for(i=0;i<reqfields.length;i++) {
                        //alert ("looking for "+tempArray[k]+" in ReqFields ["+i+"]: "+ reqfields[i]);
                        if( reqfields[i] == tempArray[k] ) {
                              //alert("Found "+tempArray[k]);
                              document.form[tempArray[k]].value = "";
                              removeRequired (i,tempArray[k]) ;
      function displayArray(){
            document.form.outputbox.value = reqfields ;

      function removeRequired (pos,str)
            //alert ("Removed "+str+" from "+pos);

            function checkform(of)
                  var em,i,f,ty;
                  var labels,fieldnames;
                  fieldnames=new Array();
                        // reqfields=document.getElementById('required').value.split(',');
                              if(f.previousSibling && /img/i.test(f.previousSibling.nodeName)){
                                          case 'text':
                                          case 'textarea':
                                          case 'checkbox':
                                          case 'radio':
                                          /* extend as needed */
                        return false;
            function adderr(id,name,of)
                   var se,i,nli,na,newli,newa;
                  //i.title='This field has an error!';
                        var em=document.createElement('p');
                        em.appendChild(document.createTextNode('Please enter the following fields: '))
                        for(var i=0;i<of.getElementsByTagName('input').length;i++)
                                    var sb=of.getElementsByTagName('input')[i];
              '2px solid #c00';
                  if(id=='email' && !isEmailAddr(document.getElementById(id).value)){
                        pn.appendChild(document.createTextNode('Your email seems to be invalid'))      
/* Changes from errorlist example */
/* Changes end */

            function isEmailAddr(str)
                return str.match(/^[\w-]+(\.[\w-]+)*@([\w-]+\.)+[a-zA-Z]{2,7}$/);
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