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need XPath example in C++ using Xerces/Xalan


I am looking for a fully complete example of selecting node(s) via XPath in Xerces dom. I understand that Xerces itself doesn't support XPath, and must be used in conjunction with Xalan.  I have spent days looking over documentation at apache.org but can't get my head around the entire thing.

If this isn't possible.. or too difficult, are there any other XML parsers (with XSLT and XPath suport) out there, that can be compiled on either Windows or Unix servers.

Regards San
1 Solution
I'm not too familiar with Xerces, but isn't one of the samples at http://xml.apache.org/xalan-c/samples.html what you are looking for?
santuonAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the link.

I have spent a couple of days looking over the samples/documentation but most examples use Xalan' Document Builder. The Xerces DOM with Xalan' XPath support examples is what I am looking for. I am still having difficults finding a complete example throught google/apache.org/expert-exchange .

Regards San.

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