I have several java applivation working in the network and am now looking for a good maintenance method to it.
I thought of using SNMP to be independent. As i am new to SNMP i might have some conceptional erros, that' s why i am asking if my idea sounds good....

I decided on SNMP as all mangement tools i know support this (e.g. HP, MON,...)

As far as I know SNMP supports two kinds of logging.

SNMP Trap means sending unasked information in the network? Of course there should be a snmp service collecting it...

interaction with program to get status and logging information or recieve events.

As all my java apps use java.util.logging
I thought of implementing a new LogHandler who does nothing then piping the java.util.logger. messages to the SNMP Server via SNMP so a SNMPHandler for java.util.logging

Additional I wanted to add the functionality to this loghandler to filter all logmessages for predefined keywords. and upon occurence of one of those fire an event for the SNMP Management. As I have limited all Logmessages to special ErrorCodes this will mean no change to the code of any of my apps.

for this task i found two open source libs:

second seems to be the better.

Can anyone help me fullfilling my task (implementing a SnmpLogHandler) with the following fetaures:
1.) dump logmessages to snmp Management
2.) fire events to snmp Management

All hints and explanation and of course code snippets are welcome

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mightyoneAuthor Commented:
another idea would be to set up a new JavaBased Server witch accepts continious logging from the java apps by configuring the logging to be of type java.util.logging.SocketHandler but then same problem with the snmp connection..
By the way, to manage Java applications, you can use JMX. More info can be seen from:
>> I thought of implementing a new LogHandler who does nothing then piping the java.util.logger. messages to the SNMP Server via SNMP so a SNMPHandler for java.util.logging
You can use this known appender for that:
This appender will send Traps to an NMS based on your log4j messages.

I recommend using which is an easy to use LGPL Java based snmp stack for any other snmp requirements: like collecting data from agents.
BTW, the above appender is using joesnmp as well.

I agree with ucool that JMX with an rmi connector (or similar) can provide the means to manage Java applications remotely.

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mightyoneAuthor Commented:
Thanks so far will start checking your hints after easter.....

happy easter folks!
mightyoneAuthor Commented:
Wow that is what I was looking for,

thanks !
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