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Shared Borders Not Showing On HTML Pages Created In Microsoft Word


I am using Word XP and FrontPage XP to design a portfolio website.  I have several HTML files that I want to put in to my website which were originally MS Word XP documents and then saved as HTML pages in MS Word.

On my website that I am creating, I've used shared borders and the navigation tab in FrontPage XP.  Here's my problem:  All of the HTML pages that I've actually created in FP are showing up with the shared border at the left.  The HTML pages that I created in MS Word and then properly placed in to the wesite in FP don't show the shared border.  However, if I take any of the HTML pages that were created in Word and then tell FP to import them, then the shared border will show up correctly.  All of the Word HTML pages have been properly added to the navigation structure in FP.

I have about 50 or so MS Word-based HTML pages that I would have to do this to and I would like to avoid it if all possible as the formatting doesn't stay correct when converting from a MS Word HTML to FP HTML document.

1 Solution
I think (although I'm guessing) is that for the shared borders to work, the Word page has to be inside a FP page.  If you're just linking to the Word-as-HTML file, it won't have the extra tags to give it the shared border.  You'd probably be better off copying the Word document into a FP page that has the shared borders than you are to save the Word file as a stand-alone HTML file.

- Open a page that shows the shared borders with no problem.
- Save it as MyTemplate
- Erase the contents
- Save it again

Now you have a template that has no problem with the shared borders.

- Open the template
- Copy the contents of the HTML page into the contents area of the Template
- Save it as the other name that you want

p.s:  Keep the template, use it when you want to create a new page,  always save it as.


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