Building a OneNote shortcut

Is there a way to build a MS One note shortcut to a tab or folder?  
Something like a URL file?

I have
1.  a bunch of notes in a oneNote folder.
2.  A bunch of notes in directory full of PDF Files.

I would like to link  or integrate the two.
I can build a link from onenote to the directory with  file://pathto/mydir

How can do the same from the directory?  I click on a file that quick-opens OneNote to a given page.

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meintsiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The syntax is along the lines of:


Try browsing to the file using "My network places" to see the path/format you need to use.
tmonteitAuthor Commented:
Upping the points ..  

I have a regular Directory trying to link to a specific folder within onenote.

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