VBA to detect if project is protected

Posted on 2005-03-24
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Last Modified: 2007-12-19

   * sorry if this is in the wrong section but I can't find a VBA channel *

   Using VBA in Excel,

     I want a macro that detects whether or not the VBA project is protected.
     The Macro should be contained in the workbook that contains the project to be protected (I think that makes sense but I have have a beer or two)

     If it isn't protected then the macro should protect the project with a specified password.

     I want to make sure (I'm very forgetfull!) that my project is protected even if I have a sudden unexpected short deadline and I forget to protect the code.


Question by:janoxley
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Make a pointer question from this section to this question here :) :

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by:Dave Brett
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This is a difficult one

I've used SendKeys before to protect a project but its not 100% reliable

This code should be run from the main excel screen, it will lock the project with the password contained in Mypass - ie Fred

Const MyPass = "Fred"

Sub locktest()
    On Error Resume Next
    SendKeys "%{F11}"    'open vbe
    SendKeys "%te"
    SendKeys "^{PGUP}"
    SendKeys "%v"        'Lock project turned on
    SendKeys "{TAB}"
    SendKeys MyPass      'password
    SendKeys "{TAB}"
    SendKeys MyPass      'password confirmation
    SendKeys "{TAB}"
    SendKeys "{ENTER}"
    SendKeys "%{F11}"     'back to excel
End Sub


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mvidas earned 2000 total points
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Hi Jan,

Here is another method, note that this cannot be initiated from within vba (meaning cannot press F5 from vba to start it).  Similar to Dave's, uses the SendKeys.  I noted the question that I took the original code from, slightly modified to add VBA Ext. reference from within code (which I got thanks to Dave :) ), and a few other minor changes:

Option Explicit
'Modified from Ivan Moala - http://www.experts-exchange.com/Q_20643945.html
Const BreakIt As String = "%{F11}%TE+{TAB}{RIGHT}%V{+}{TAB}"
Sub Change_VBA_PW()
 Dim WB As Workbook, Password As String
 Set WB = ThisWorkbook 'workbook to be changed
 'Adds VBA Extensibility reference
 WB.VBProject.References.AddFromGuid "{0002E157-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}", 5, 3
 If WB.VBProject.Protection = 1 Then Exit Sub
 Password = "ivan"
 Call SetVBProjectPassword(WB, Password)
End Sub
Sub SetVBProjectPassword(WB As Workbook, ByVal Password As String)
 Dim VBP As VBProject, WindowVBIDE As VBIDE.Window, i As Long
 Set VBP = WB.VBProject
 Application.ScreenUpdating = False
'// close any code windows to ensure we are in the right project
 For Each WindowVBIDE In VBP.VBE.Windows
  If InStr(WindowVBIDE.Caption, "(") > 0 Then WindowVBIDE.Close
 Next WindowVBIDE
 SendKeys BreakIt & Password & "{tab}" & Password & "~" & "%{F11}~", True
 SendKeys "%{F11}", True
 Application.ScreenUpdating = True
End Sub

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Author Comment

ID: 13630597
Hi Matt,

   I put the code in a module and run it via a command button on the worksheet.
   I get this error,

    "Programmic Access to Visual Basic Project is not trusted"

any ideas?
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ID: 13631896
Hi Jan,

Sorry for the delay, I've had a couple other things to do in the meantime.  If you're getting that error, you must have excel 2002 or greater, as the security changed in 2002.  To be able to manipulate the vba project line this, you'll have to change the security setting.  Go to Tools, then Macros, then Security.  Click the "Trusted Sources" tab, and check the "Trust access to visual basic project" checkbox.  That should get you past the error.  Let me know if anything else comes up, I should be around for the next few hours


Author Comment

ID: 13688168
Cheers Matt,

      That works great now.


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