retrieving cfschedule values

I am writing a coldfusion app which needs to allow users to flexibly schedule certain events. Scheduling the task is of no issue, but I want to provide the user with the ability to edit the task once its been set. How do I query the current schedule values by taskname from coldfusion?

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Hi richardsimnett,
just to give you head start. The Scheduler configuration file, cf_root\lib\neo-cron.xml contains all scheduled events, as individual entries.
This is the file needs to be parse to get the list of all the schedulled task. I once had to do this but never got it done as I was new to CF and found it is difficult to parse it.
Let us see what other experts suggest.


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richardsimnettAuthor Commented:
Well parsing that document is easy. Simply open the file with cffile. Then, use XMLParse (CFMX) to translate it it into a searchable xml document, and then use XMLChildPos to find out the indexes of the elements you are looking for.

Thanks for the info. It was easy it incorporate once I knew where to get the information from.

Rick thank you for completing my half given answer with your comment. This will help future asker. I was new when I new to CF when I was trying to do so I was scared to death :)
Thanks and good day,
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