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Filemaker server crashes. Event ID 7031

We run Filemaker server v5.5 on a Windows 2000 server.

Filemaker server went down on two ocassions in the last month, when we look into the Win2k server event log we get the following:

The event ID is 7031.  The FileMaker Serve service terminated unexpectedly.  It has done this 2 times.  The following corrective action will be taken in 0 milliseconds:  No action.

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1 Solution
What's yr concern? Wanna know why?
FM service crashes are rare; most of the time, it is due to an illegal operation from a client which crashes itself while fm is open and a record is locked (the crash in this case if most of the time due to another app while FM is idle (typical situation, you leave the mouse in a field, and you switch to Quark Xpress, your machine hangs after a while (os9 of course), yr FM server may not like this. But it remains difficult to locate problems, they are too rare.
Have you got the latest fm5.5 server release?
Also, if it happens again, I advise to stop server, put files on a local machine, do a recoverr. Place new files on server if any error is found.
eventID info: http://www.eventid.net/
In addition to the client issues Lesouef described, make sure your server's hard drive is in good shape. Run disk maintenance to check for errors, defragment, etc. Also make sure the folder your files are in is not shared on the network, and make sure that no other process on the server is trying to access the files, such as a backup program, antivirus software, or other program that scans files on a regular basis.

I disagree with Lesouef about one thing. I don't think you should run a recover on the files and then continue using them. Recovery is intended to make it possible to retrieve the data from a damaged or corrupted database. It isn't intended to fix all possible problems. Even if the file is made useable, there may still be corruption in the file that goes unnoticed, and over time it could get worse. Many people have done recoveries of files and gone on to use them without problems. I've done it before, myself. But you're taking a risk when you do this, and you should be aware of that risk.

Heres a quote from the FileMaker Server Best Practices document at

"In the event of a server failure such as an unexpected loss of power, hard drive failure, or
software failure, the backup files should be used. Any system failure causing FileMaker Server
to shutdown inappropriately could result in corrupted files because cached data was not
written to disk and the files were not closed properly. Even if the files seem to re-open but
have to go through a consistency check or recovery, some corruption could be buried in the
file. Be aware that performing a Recover process on a file does not necessarily mean there are
no additional problems remaining in the recovered file."

If you don't currently maintain clone backups of your database, you should start doing so now. Clones are very small, because they don't have any records, just the file structure. Create a new clone backup of a file whenever you make significant changes to layouts, scripts, and field definitions. Keep the clones in a separate location.
a little more:
FM shared files under w2k are locked, so no app can use it, be it backup or antivirus.
phaeberleAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help.

I still need to find out why it's crashing, so I guess I need to dig into the logs.

I wiil award the points to Lesouef since he pointed into the right direction.

Billmercer: thanks for the recommendations.
another clue maybe: do you enough temp space? FM uses the system %temp% folder to work.
also, in logs, check what's the last action before a crash. I also advise to set users permissions to disconnect non active users after N mn. When clients fall asleep, especially with osX, the IP layer stops working the "wild way", FM server may not like this either. I always set this < power save settings of my macs.

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