Signature Formatting. Office 2003


I have a remote user who changed her signature.
It looks fine in the preview box, but when she open's a new mail, it appears to be double spaced.
It should be single spaced.

Any ideas on fixing this?

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I think I remember having this problem once, and I belive I fixed it by editing the signature file directly.

You should be able to find those files in the following location (this is on XP)

C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Microsoft\Signatures

if she only has one signature, there should be maybe three files in there, an .html, an .rtf and a txt.

depending on what format she sends her emails in, depends on which one would need to be edited.

btw, nice to see you back I thought I had heard you weren't around anymore...
phileocaAuthor Commented:
thanks bruno.  

I'll check out those files. (yay to admin rights... C$)

and yeah, i'm back, just avoiding the lounge.  There's a link to my discussion thread on my profile and on shekky's profile.
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>>(yay to admin rights... C$)


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phileocaAuthor Commented:
Well that didn't work, but what did work was rather amusing

I did shift + Enter in her signature.

And now it appears "normal"  thanks for the suggestions bruno.
like any other HTML editor.  :-)

shift -enter usually enters a <br> rather than a <p> tag, which is a block level element and in HTML will create the double spaced effect, but i am sure you knew that.  

thanks for poinkers - i should really go do my taxes now.  lol

phileocaAuthor Commented:
i did my taxes.. and.. hehe.. i just spent em

yesterday bought 2 slabs of 256mb pc800 RDR  (rambus ram)
my computer is flying.  pc800 is 8x faster than pc 100. mwahahahahaha

and then to not make my car jealous, just spent 180 on "lighting effects"  lol. i'm such a geek.
lol yeah i saw the thread about the lights under your car

in my younger days, i had a little red hatchback, and on the front i mounted some red LED lights that went back and forth....very knightrider!
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