Laptop freezes when USB ports used

Have an HP omnibook xe4100 if I connect a mouse or printer to the USB port .. the internet connection freezes a short while alter.. but if I use touchpad without mouse connected no problem.. similarly I can use the printer without problem if I am not  online with the internet connection..(using a built in 56k modem)
I have  upgraded the BIOS on HP's advice but this has made no difference...
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JackHodsonIT ManagerCommented:
Have you run a full scan for viruses?
In hardware properties are there any conflicts and does it say "this device is working properly" when looking at the usb ports?
I'd be interested to know what version of windows you are using. If you're running win98 or ME it could be conflicting IRQs.  Check your bios settings to see if you can reassign IRQ values so that nothing is being shared.  If you're running 2000 or XP this won't matter.  
I had a pc running xp that I built about a year ago that was giving me similar problems.   that turned out to be a ground issue though and I don't think that is your problem in this case.

Had this problem many times, very simple solution:

1. Go into Device Manager and expand the "Universal Serial Bus Controllers" group.
2. Uninstall every device listed under this group (right click on device, left click uninstall)
3. Be sure all USB devices are unplugged!! *THIS IS KEY*
4. Restart Computer
5. Upon restart the computer will recognize all the devices and install them.
6. Plug in a device and see if it works.

Hope this helps!
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FrancisBAuthor Commented:
Tried  uninstalling and reinstalling drivers.. but made no difference

There are no conflicts in device Manager

Running XP

and have checked for viruses

could it be the actual board?
Doesn't matter if it says there are conflicts or not....just do the procedure.  Its recognizing generic drivers when they don't work.
FrancisBAuthor Commented:
sorry i worded my reply badly!

I checked for conflicts as 2  answers suggested and there were none THEN I uninstalled all the USB drivers and  shut down laptop.. when i poswered up it installed new hardware.. but the mouse  still froze  the internet connection after a short while
Well then we know your USB are hardware wise probably need to load a driver for your mouse?

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