Simply Accounting import Transactions

Does anyone know the format of the import function for Simply accounting 2004 basic.  It seems to be a XML format.

Please help asap
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The file you need to create is an .imp file, and the format varies according to the transaction type.

For example, this is a sales order file (which I found at ):

"Lawn Maintenance Company", , , ,"Ontario", , , , ,
"1","2","1-1-2003", ,"3789.25","0.00"

If you have access to the program, and can create the required transaction, *and* email it to yourself, then you can see the format from the file, and work out what the fields represent.

Hi: are you making any progress?
ralphsautoAuthor Commented:
I have already looked at this format at the site you mentioned before I posted this message.  There is something wrong with this as the person using it couldn't get it to work either.  The problem is what goes where, can you supply me with this information?


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Ugh this is one of the most unfrendly systems I've seen for importing info too.

Not much help but mabey gives an idea?

Choose simply accounting (bottom Solution Set  choice) and type in import and you can see all 8 suggestions there. 

If your withing the first 30 days of *any* purchase you might have a shot at their toll free phone support

Their forum might have someone that has tried to do this before but it appears you need to sign up :-(.

According to this review the sales order import funcanality is limited.

Doesn't look like fun at all.

What are you trying to do?  Did you check that all the information required by the import already exists in the database?

ralphsautoAuthor Commented:
Hello Turn123,

Thanks for your answers, They are a little late.  I have already found these pages and the one that helped teh most is the first one.  There are a couple of things that people need to know in order to import into Simply Accounting.

1.  You can only import directly into the General Journal, unless you have the email system setup (described above)
2.  The file imported must be CSV format
3.  The totals must balance exactly any discrepancy and you are toast.
4.  The format for the xml import is hidden in secrecy so you can't import into sales or expenses, just the General Journal which doesn't apply the information to any other module.

ACCPAC's Simply Accounting is a good tool if you are not using any external programs to create data.

If you can find/decifer the format for the xml import I am extremely interested.


I'm sorry I can't help more :-(.

It is usually a good idea to request that your question be PAQd and your points refunded as soon as you find your answer to prevent someone looking for the answer for you when you already have it as it is discouraging to look for an answer only to find that the asker has already found the answer and you wasted your time.  :-)

If you want to PAQ this question, post a zero-point question in

Subject: Moderator Please PAQ
Body: Please PAQ this question:

ralphsautoAuthor Commented:
Sorry Turn123,

This question was online for about 2 months and was hoping for a quicker answer than that.  I was also unaware I could do what you said, regarding the PAQ.  I am still looking for the format of the XML import though and that is what the original questions is about.

ralphsautoAuthor Commented:
The main problem with this import is I was looking for a way to import directly into two modules Sales and Payables.  Simply Accounting simply does not do it unless you are using Simply to send an email and receive an email and it needs to have specific header information with a check digit.

The answer to an import using XML is that you can't.  It has to be a Text file with the following format and follows the CSV (comma separated values) format

for expenses:
Date, "short des (9 char)", "Long Decription (39 Characters)"
Account number, Amount
Bank Number, neg Amount

for Sales:
Date, "short des (9 char)", "Long Decription (39 Characters)"
Account number, neg Amount
Bank Number, Amount

The last thing that you need to know is that the file being imported can only be imported into the General Journal

I wish to apologize to the two people who tried to answer the question I posted.  I needed to have the answers right away, I didn't expect Simply Accounting to have such limitations for importing.  The program is almost useless if you want to create a web-interface for it.
ralphsautoAuthor Commented:
Sorry one last point the Totals for the amounts need to balance, no exceptions.
Closed, 500 points refunded.
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