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i am currently running SuSE 9.2 professional, and tried setting up synergy (http://synergy2.sourceforge.net). I recieve an error saying "XOpenDisplay(":0")"

i so ran echo $DISPLAY and found that as suggested, my display varialbe was set to ':0'

dispite this, i can use kde etc without any difficulties. am i required to run xconfig86 or the xorg equiv to get this environment variable set? and how is SuSE running xwindows without this variable (is there another env. var it uses?)

if anyone has any incite to this your comments would be greatly appreciated.


1 Solution

   Run "xhost +" first to see if it works or not.

twansAuthor Commented:
hey wesley,

thanks for the reply, running xhost + as su gives the following:

Xlib: connectoin to ":0.0" refused by server
Xlib: No protocol specified

xhost: unable to open display ":0"

any ideas?


Let me guess a bit here.
You have started X (and a KDE session) via a display manager login (a GUI login screen). You logged on as a regular user perhaps? And then started a terminal emulator and became another user (root?) via the su command?
It certainly looks a bit like that... And with that, you as the "unpriviledged" user will not be able to use xhost + to turn of the authentication system.

You need do that as the user who started X. _or_ share the xauth information ... which is icky, so let's not.

"Solution" is to start an xterm (or other terminal emulator) and _as the user who started X_ run "xhost + localhost" (Never turn of entirely.... Allowing all access from localhost is quite enough).

After that you'll probably have no more access-related problems with synergy.

-- Glenn
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You can also open a terminal and become the superuser with the command

sux -

This will keep your DISPLAY environment variable configured properly.
.... And the DISPLAY variable isn't the problem (likely).... Even if it is, it's a no-brainer to do
export DISPLAY=:0
or similar.

-- Glenn
twansAuthor Commented:
thanks everyone for your response, points were so long i didnt bother with assisted answers, but i appreciate all your help

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