SCSI adapter wont boot after SATA RAID card added

I've got a new HP Proliant ML330 server that's giving me fits.  It runs fine with it's original single SCSI drive on an Adaptec 29160 card.  We're try to introduce a SATA raid card (Highpoint Rocketraid 1640 or SIIG SA4R12) for data storage, but as soon as we add the card, the SCSI card won't boot.  It's as if the newly added card decides it's the new king of the boot.

An interesting phenomenon is that once the second card is added, you can't get into the system BIOS.  When I unplug the drives from the SATA raid card, we can then go in to the BIOS.  In all cases, it appears that the boot order is fine, i.e., starts with the SCSI card.

I've tried swapping PCI slots, no dice.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks,
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sciwriterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
<< but as soon as we add the card, the SCSI card won't boot >>

This is a typical problem with SATA.  It is not only incompatible with SCSI on many systems, but it is totally incompatible with many MB BIOSes.  
Just because the technology is now "available", it does not mean that every board out there will be compatible with it.  
You might find a work around, but if the Compaq came with no on-board SATA controller, it is most likely fundamentally incompatible with a SATA card.

It seems that none of the cards you are trying to use for RAID can support a supplemental SCSI card on the same system, so from my point of view the solution is to leave a single card system SATA or SCSI.
I used to use a rocket raid 504 in my home pc with a vanilla scsi card in also for a scanner and that worked. I would suggest the bios on the scsi card needs to be upgraded to the latest bios for this to work
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