Include a .php page in a Flash movie

OK, here's the deal. I have a completa flash page and I would like to include a .php page right in the middle of it and be able to scroll the page if it longer than the provided space.

Take a look at: that's the movie and the php page should be included in the black space. I still want the menu on top to be able to control the navigation and display other pages when the buttons are clicked.

I hope to get some quick and good input.


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Sorry if this sounds stupid, but why?
You only need php for server side stuff - flash can do the rest. Unless its something very specific, call the php script from inside flash and return whatever needs to be returned to flash. Can you elaborate on what the php file will be doing?

stefanaichholzerAuthor Commented:
Well, I know flash can do it all, but I don't know how to call or execute php inside my flash movie. I also know what PHP is capable of, but I don't know, as I said, how to interact with flash.

The content in the black part will hold information, picture galleries, contact forms and info, and some stuff, basically a complete web page but I don't want to do the enteri thing in flash as the movie gets sto big, that's why I want to include php files to hold all the info. I will alse need some DB queries inside the pages.

Now can you explain further how to return something from php to a flash movie?, thanx, please be as detailed as you can...

You have 2 options available to you - the first is to use the flash for a banner menu system/prettying up the site, and embedded it into your php /html pages. This may be the most straightforward approach for you, as I'm sure you know how to do this:)
The other option is, when you need yto query the db, you can call the php from flash like this:


this wil runt the php script without opening it, sending all variables with values to the script, and returning any that are sent back with print or echo.
To pick up the variables from flash, in the php script use
and then use it as noraml with

and send stuff back to flash like this:


With loadVariables, you can send it to php and then do a loop in flash, across a frame with this code

gotoAndPlay("myProcessFrame");//where myprocessframe is a frame label of the frame you
//want to move to when done
and the next frame here would loop backto this so flash doesn't try using the variables from the php page until they exist.

You can then set up all your pages in flash and and only call the php pages when you need to access the db.


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stefanaichholzerAuthor Commented:
OK, thanx for the input, but I was more complex than just what you posted, I found my own answer at:

I will close this question.

No that's fine:)
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