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broadcast (multi-send) email

Hi all,
I want to create a group email within my website ( similar to yahoogroups email). I want the email to function as the following: any user send an email to xxx@myemail.com, his/her message will be automatically forwarded to all registered email within my list. The list should be dynamic, that's mean I can programatically add user or remove user from my list. How can I do that?
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What language are you using? I'm going to guess Java ;)
You can download a pure Java Email Server (POP3/SMTP) free, from apache.com.
I'd do that, and then edit it however you wish..

Or, if you really don't want to do that, then code your own POP3/SMTP servers! :)

It's actually quite fun coding servers (especially web-based), as not only do you need to be careful, and guarantee security (lol - nearly), you also need to learn the protocols, etc. Server's are always projects that I quite enjoy ^_^

You can then use Servlets to allow people to create a new email address with you, via a webpage, without the need for any intervention from you... all automated.

Anyways; I hope that helps. Best of luck.
>> IM
*btw: I mean www.apache.org, not .com  :)
Your question is pretty vague. Let me help you understand your requirement.

(1) What is your mail server? And which OS does it run on?
(2) Which web server are you using?
(3) Are you using any client side scripting language? Which language is it?

Tell us and we should be able to help.
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mth2020Author Commented:
Hi All,
To Clarify that, I will use ASP .NET for development. I am quite familiar with using SMTP/pop3 protocole. My main question is how to trigger that an email is comming in order to Re-Forwarded to all the member in the list:, Take this scenario:
Suppose I reserve a domain name called www.xxx.com. Suppose that I got the following email from the hosting company: group@xxx.com. Suppose now that I have the following list of subscriber in my database
Name   email
Aa       aa@hotmail.com
ee      ee@hotmail.com

Now, I want any email sent to group@xxx.com to be forwarded to the emails in my database. Be sure that I can Access my database anytime to add emails or remove emails from it.

I hope that I clarify enough.
Either create a loop and forward the email one-by-one (better approach). Or, concatenate your email addresses with Comma or Semi-colon and send at one go (faster approach).
Well, my comment is invalid really; so all points to, RanjeetRain. :-)

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