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adclean generates duplicates in 5.5 gal


I'm moving mailboxes from several 5.5 Exchange servers to a 2K3 one.
Exchange servers are in different sites within the same organization. The 2K3 one is in another administrative group.
There is also a 2K3 Exchange server member of a 5.5 site and running adc.

For a couple of mailboxes, things didn't go well.The mailbox has been moved, but there are now 2 entries in my 5.5 gal. One for the moved mailbox (2K3 mailbox attached to a 2K3 windows account), and a phantom one (2K3 mailbox attahced to a nt4 account).
The nt4 account has been moved through admt with no error.
I guess that there must be a problem with adclean and adc. Adclean has been launched after the mailbox has been moved. As far as I understand hiw it works, it removes Exchange attributes from the disabled ad account, put these attributes to the fresh 2K3 account, then delete the disabled account.
It seems that adc sometimes can't replicate the deletion of the disabled account.
So the gal has either the 2K3 account and the disabled one.
My problem is that I can't remove this entry from the 5.5 gal. Moreover, both entries have the same email address. The user can no longer receive emails from outside.

This is a curious but extremely awkward issue that I can't reproduce. I had to stop the migration. I first need to know how I can remove duplicates from the gal and understand how they are generated.

Thanks in advance for any help.
1 Solution
Exchange 2003 Active Directory Account Cleanup Wizard is only for to merge the duplicate objects for mailbox logon purposes.Its purpose is to to solve problem related to migrated users who are not able to logon to their mailboxes after you use Active Directory Migration Tool and Active Directory Connector

fhoAuthor Commented:
That's how I use it.
ADC has generated the creation, in AD, of several inactive users relative to NT4 users. Each of them is bound to a 5.5 mailbox.
During the migration of a NT account and his mailbox :

The NT user is moved from NT4 to W2K3 (admt),
The mailbox associated to this user is moved from Exchange 5.5 to 2K3 ("ad user and computers" mmc),
Until I use Adclean, the moved mailbox is still associated to the inactive user. Adclean merges the moved mailbox to the 2K3 user and deletes the inactive user.

But, .... after this last operation, it seems that, sometimes,  ADC can't replicate correct information to 5.5. There are 2 lines in the GAL for my migrated user (a good one, and an orphan one).
I'd like to remove this last one.
Creating Active Directory Users from a Text File

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fhoAuthor Commented:
Excuse my late answer, but I've been far from my email for a couple of says.
thanks for these pieces of information. I already knew them.
Unfortunately, they don't solve my problem.

It seems that, having several 5.5 sites, the 2003 inactive user is deleted by AdClean before the replication between my 5.5 sites is finished. It must explain why, sometimes, there are duplicates.
I know how to do to avoid having this issue again.

My problem is that I can't figure out how to remove orphan users.

All of them are "coming from" AD as in the 5.5 GAL. On the General Tab of the property of each duplicate entry, Home Site and Home Server values are those of the 2003 Exchange server. Raw properties show similar information.

The problem is that I can't find them in the AD, even through AdsiEdit.
So, I can't delete them.
I was wondering if there was some way to recreate an account in the AD with same properties as the orphan user, then to run ADC so that this new user is bound to the orphan. If I can do that, it would allow me to remove the orphan user from the 5.5 GAL. If yes, which attributes must match ?
fhoAuthor Commented:
We finaly found the solution (with the assistance of Microsoft).

We could detect and delete the orphan user through LDP on the SRS. It seems that the SRS is the only place where it was possible to delete this user (it couldn't be found in the AD, neither in 5.5 directory).

It worked perfectly.
The question has been PAQ'd and the 500 points have been refunded.
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If your organization has a need to mass-create AD user accounts, watch this video to see how its done without the need for scripting or other unnecessary complexities.

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