what is the best plan with a monthly budget of $1000, to inter connect 4 offices locacted in 4 differenet states

what are the plans to  interconnect 4 offices, with a monthly budget of $1000.
for example we have 2 main offices  located in  New Hampshire and Colorado  they need to be connected  at least at
1.5Mbps,and smaller offices in Texas and DC ,should be connected at 254Kbps.
Frame Realy montly cost $200 per office,for each 256k incrment upto 1.5Mbps.
ISDN montly cost $60 per office  0.01 per second connected,T1montly costs are $350 per office.
SDSL 384K VPN montly cost  $200 per office.any other alternative solution for this plan and how much does it cost to implement this plan.Is it possible to implement this .Can anyone let me know the solution for this question.
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d0ughb0yPresident / CEOCommented:
Um... Magic might work nicely... :)

Seriously, it sounds like you're going to need some flex. One of my old bosses used to have a sign in his office that read:

High Speed
Low Cost
High Availability

Pick Any Two

It sounds like you're going to have to skimp somewhere. Do you really need 1.5M to each office, full time? Have you looked into a 256k frame that's burstable to 1.5M? That's probably your best bet.

anumitAuthor Commented:
Hi d0ughb0y

Big Offices are connected at 1.5Mbps,and small offices at 256kbps.with above mentioned specifications is it possible to make a plan for this requirement .Please do let me know .
d0ughb0yPresident / CEOCommented:
Given your numbers, the closest I can come up with is $1,100/mo. Take 2 T1's at $350/mo and 2 256k Frames at $200/mo.

2 x T1              = $700/mo.
2 x 256k Frame = $400/mo.
Total Monthly    = $1,100

You're not going to get lower than that without skimping on service.


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anumitAuthor Commented:
Hi D0ughb0y ,thaxs for the response.

Actually the problem where i struck is with this req,I have to come up with 3alternative  of scenarios ,i need to convince my organisationas they should settle for less capacity then what is requested,or they have to pay more for what they are specifying .

How can i overcome with such type of a problem ,can u let me know .

d0ughb0yPresident / CEOCommented:
Sorry Anumit. I didn't see your last post until I got the email accepting my answer.

How do you know that the bandwith requirements you're suggesting are actually what's needed? Do you have any metrics to support them? What sort of applications are going to be running over the links.

I'm going to assume, for the moment, that this is a bit over-architected, because I don't have any data to contradict me, and it's going to form the basis of my recommendation.

Basically, my suggestion is that you go with the numbers. Draft a recommendation for the numbers I gave you above plus an additional $400 for a 512k frame on your side of the two small-office connections. (I forgot that in my plans before.) This will give you a $1,500/mo. recurring cost and everything you asked for.

Then explain the alternatives. The ISDN solution is unquantifiable at the moment, because we don't know how much connect time there will be. If we were to go with an assumed "full-time" connection, that would translate to an average $25,920/mo for a single ISDN connection (assuming 30-day months). You'd obviously want to configure it as dial-on-demand, but we don't know the demand.

Even if you put in 512k connections to the main sites, instead of the T1's, your numbers will come out to:

2x 256k     $400
3x 512k     $1,200

Total: $1,600/mo.

That's more than you'd pay with the T1's, with less bandwidth available.

That makes the $1,500/mo. I described before look much more reasonable.

The other thing I would think about is DSL or Cable service to each office, with VPN connections between the sites. Those might be much more reasonable for you, but I don't know what the costs or availabilities are in your area.

Good luck. Sorry I wasn't more help earlier.

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