how to do this like it should ??


I'm starting to learn how to program in c++.
I use now
for (inti=0,i<20,i++){string[i]=0x00;}
to "reset" a string to zero.

How is the correct way to do that ?

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Jaime OlivaresConnect With a Mentor Software ArchitectCommented:
Andrey_go answer will be enough, assumming you are working with a char array (I guess it is because 'string' name), because in stardard C, all string are zero-terminated.

string[0]=0;  could be simplified to:
*string = 0;

'string' is not a good name because there is some library called STL that uses a data type called string.
Andrey_goConnect With a Mentor Commented:
string[0]=0; should be enough
use a char array, instead of string.

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lapijnAuthor Commented:
thanks teuntje.
lapijnAuthor Commented:
OK, jaime_olivares. Thanks all.
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