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Alternative Storage/Backup Solution

I am looking for high capacity external disk drive for backup. I have a 200GB USB external drive which I spent over $300. I am looking for alternative solution maybe, IDE external with some sort of interface. Speed is not an issue since its only for backup purpose. Cost is an issue though :)

Thank you.
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Check out this:


Or, Freecom offer some very low cost 160GB USB2 Drives... check out their site.

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IsmailyAuthor Commented:
Thanks IM, I find USB to be quite expensive. Can I get IDE solution at a lower price?
Yeah, it would seem so.

Search eBuyer.. Here's a few: http://www.ebuyer.com/customer/products/index.html?action=UFNTaG93UmVzdWx0cw%3D%3D

Also, search Kelkoo... See here: http://www.epcbuyer.com/products.asp?partno=HD_wd_250gb_ide_wd2500jb&ref=www.kelkoo.co.uk  It's a 250GB IDE HDD, for under £90 ... which is definitely less than $300 - and more capacity than you other HDD  :)

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Also, eBay is always worth searching, when money is an issue.. Just give it a format, run some error checks, defragment.. and you've got a brand new HDD :)
You could buy removable IDE enclosures. These fit into a normal 5 1/4" drive bay and have a drawer system where you can put any IDE Disk into. These systems you should be able to get from most PC shops, and depending on the features, shouldn't be too expensive. There are cheap, plastic ones and more expensive, metal ones which are hot-pluggable. The metal types are usually better, because they conduct heat better, improving the cooling. Most also have small, builtin fans.

As for disks, well, just shop for any Large capacity IDE disk.
Rather than purchasing a branded external drive, you could purchase your own external USB drive enclosure, then simply add the drive of your choice to it (especially useful if you already have a drive you want to use, as well as older drives with data on them.)    I've tried a few different ones, and the one I prefer thus far is about $40 at Compusa -


the design makes it very easy to swap drives in and out, and so far has proved very reliable.

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