Setup hardware VPN with Linksys BEFSX41 and Netopia 3000

I am setting up a hardware based VPN that will link 4 locations. I have 3 of them setup and working. In the fourth I have a Netopia 3000 providing DSL access. It uses PPoE to get a "sticky IP" (which as best as I can tell is a dynamic IP that doesn't change). I want to setup a Linksys VPN router BEFSX41 between the Netopia and my Lan. Right now the Netopia does DHCP. I am unsure if bridging mode is what I need to use or if there is something else. It seems to me that I need to connect a LAN port of the Netopia to the WAN port of the Linksys and then let the Linksys do DHCP.

Perhaps I need to pass through ports to the Linksys? If someone can tell me how to cable this and how to complete the setup I'd be very greatful.
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I am assuming that you set up a site-to-site VPN, if that is the case, you are correct: it is better to let Netopia running bridge mode and connet Netopia LAN port to your VPN Linksys WAN port, not only you can use your Linksys to hand out DHCP to you LAN, more important, your VPN gear (Linksys) will have a public IP and all your site-to-site VPN traffic (IPSec or whatever you use) will not be altered (NAT/PAT) by Netopia (who knows if Netopia can understand VPN traffic or not).
I have seen many failure cases that ISP's router/modem providing NAT/PAT and client want to set up VPN tunnel back to HQ, they all end up by giving public (Internet routable) IP to client's VPN gear (put modem in bridge mode).
Make sure your Linksys gear support PPPoE.

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