starting to be in apache aplication server..

how can i begin ,advance,and start working for apache webserver,as for now i don't know anything about apache except that it is webserver and apllication runs on net with its help...pls give me links to some of tutorials which will put me in is very important t learn for me at my workplace(apache as a webserver)
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O'Reilly & Associates makes a great manual - 'Apache: The Definitive Guide':

Additionally, you will find the following sites useful reading:

OnLAMP (LAMP = Linux/Apache/MySQL/Perl or PHP or Python):

Apache Web Server project: (all the docs are there):

Apache Week:

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I saw a copy of "Apache 2.0 for Dummies" (I'm not saying you're one) online and it's been very helpful to me. It walks you through the different aspects of Apache 2 and it's very easy to understand.

It's a softcopy, but right now I can't remember the site. Try to do a Google search for it. Or maybe online stores have it and you can get a hard copy of the book.

Just some advice: Read what you can, try out the examples, and set up a site. Doesn't need to be accessible on the Internet right now, but tinkering with Apache will give you a lot of experience.

Good luck on your study of Apache!
DilrajSingh123Author Commented:
please try to send me some online tutorial which i can dowload..thanks in advance

Here's the result of a quick Google search:

Of course, there are thousands of resources you'll find online, and with that innumerable forums where you can post your Apache questions. Make use of them. Books won't give you everything.
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