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On my domain controller, I need to ensure that it is removing clients from active directory once they have been removed from the network.  How can I check this or ensure that it is cleaning up computers.
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Nirmal SharmaConnect With a Mentor Solution ArchitectCommented:
There are certain things to keep in my mind.

If the computer is disjoined then the computer account is removed from Active Directory.
If the computer is not disjoined or is simply taken out from the network then computer account still resides and accounts will not be deleted from Active Directory database.

Removing from network invloves that you should either Disjoint the computer from domain or delete the computer account manually from Active Directory Users and Computer\Computers OU.

Imagine you have 400 workstations in your network and you have removed 100 computers from network without disjoining them from domain so then these 100 computer accounts in Active Directory are called Orphaned accounts or objects in Active Directory and are removed with a tool. Its not an easy task if you remove all accounts one-by-one.

Let me know.

by default whenever computers are added to the domain they are put in the "computers" OU in active directory users and computers.  If you didn't move them out of this OU, all you need to do is open active directory users and computers and look in the "computers" OU to see if they have been removed.
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