Division of two strings

I have two strings are defined in my sub and i need to divide one by the other and display the result. Can anyone provide me with an example code?

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raterusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
well as long as there is an actual numeric value in the string, and only a numeric value, you can cast the values like I suggested earlier and divide them that way.
divide 2 strings....what does dividing 2 strign mean..
are they numbers?

Dim result as double = cdbl(string1) / cdbl(string2)
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divide one string by the other?  

what do you mean by that?
Armon14Author Commented:
erm two variables defined as strings ..
Armon14Author Commented:
Okay let me futher explain...

I'm getting two variables from two sources. The first is a recordcount from a dataset. The second is user input that has been placed in a database previously and is now being retrieved.
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