Visual Basic creates huge temp files

I have a vb project which I work on using several different computers, depending on where I happen to be. The source code is in source-safe on the server, which I check out to the local computer I happen to be using at the time.  The computers are all configured basically the same.
The problem is, on one of the computers, when I try to run/compile the app from the VB IDE, it just kind of stops for about 5 mins before it finishes compiling and runs.
Now I know it is not the size of the app, as it compiles in just a few seconds on the other computers (they are all similar spec, o/s etc).
What I have noticed is that VB writes about 5GB (yes Gigabytes!) worth of temp files in c:\documents and settings\[user profile]\local settings\temp before it will start the app. This is what seems to be taking the time, but I don't understand why it needs to wrtie such huge temp files. This does not happen on the other computers.
Any suggestions? Thanx :)
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I'm not sure what the problem is but these are a few things I would do,

Reboot  computer
Then I would try it again, If it doesn't work I would do this:

Run My Anti Virus Software ::
Run Microsofts RegCleaner ::
Then I would double check with :: STINGER ::
Then I would Run LavaSoft Adware to remove spyware.

Then I would remove all my applications from the registry in the folders /RUN


Then if I did'nt have Visual Basic Service Pack 6 I would update visual basics with SP6 and re-compile my application

Then I would reboot my computer, and try to run it on the computer.
If that doesn't work the only other alternative would be, that is if you do have visual basic installed on each different computer. I would reboot into safe mode and un-install that particular installation of visual basic, then I would reboot into normal mode and do a complete install of visual basic, then update to SP6.
positronicAuthor Commented:
Hi, thanks for the suggestions. I have already tried all the virus and spyware scans i can think of, however I have not tried regcleaner so I'll give that a go. Unfortunately rebooting makes no difference, and other vb projects work fine on this same computer, which makes me think there's something up with the project itself (maybe). I have sp6 installed too, but I have not tried reinstalling vb completely.
A couple of things you suggest I hadn't thought of so I will try those.
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You probrably have corrupted one or more of the compiling files used to compile your application in vb such as the C2.exe and LINK.exe..they are probrably corrupted. Thats all I can think of since this never happened to me before.
positronicAuthor Commented:
Hi, thanks again for your suggestions.. unfortunately none of that has helped. I believe I have found the answer though - my project uses active reports and I didn't have the latest service pack installed on the problem machine. I am not sure why this caused the huge temp files, but installing the service pack seems to have solved the problem.
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