VB.NET to C#

I have a sample code in VB.NET which I am converting to C#. I am using Softartisans FileUp and XFile to upload file to webserver.

Here is the part of VB.NET code

 1) Dim oFileUp As New FileUp(Me.Context)
 2) Dim iterator As SaUploadDictionaryEnum
 3) iterator = CType(oFileUp.Form.GetEnumerator(), SaUploadDictionaryEnum)
 4) If TypeOf oFileUp.Form(iterator.Current) Is SaFile Then
 5) End If

I am converting the above code to C#......I am stuck at line 4(If TypeOf oFileUp.Form(iterator.Current) Is SaFile Then). I don't know how to convert line 4 in C#.....
I converted first 3 lines as follows and it worked, but I am stuck at line 4.

FileUp oFileUp = new FileUp(Context);                  
SaUploadDictionaryEnum iterator;
iterator = oFileUp.Form.GetEnumerator() as SaUploadDictionaryEnum;

So what I need is just equivalent of (If TypeOf oFileUp.Form(iterator.Current) Is SaFile Then) in C#.

Thanks in advance

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Hamed ZaghaghiProgrammerCommented:
you can use Type dotnetframework's class:

if ( typeof(oFileUp.Form[iterator.Current]) == SaFile.GetType())

have a good programming day;
sunilramuAuthor Commented:
I tried that but is says syntax error near iterator.
I am using the following line somewhere else in the code and it works fine.
SaFile oFile = oFileUp.Form[iterator.Current] as SaFile;

But when I use
if ( typeof(oFileUp.Form[iterator.Current]) == SaFile.GetType())
it gives syntax error near iterator..says ..... Syntax error, ']' expected

Any comments??

Hamed ZaghaghiProgrammerCommented:
try this:
if ( typeof(oFileUp.Form(iterator.Current)) == SaFile.GetType())
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Hamed ZaghaghiProgrammerCommented:
if previous code didn't work, use C-Sharpener for VB Trial version,, and convert your vb project to C# and then if you want to know what is the conversion of these line, look in cs code,

you can download C-Sharpener for VB from this link:



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sunilramuAuthor Commented:
The correct syntax was this:
if ( oFileUp.Form[ iterator.Current ] is SaFile )

I used the C-Sharpener for converting the VB.NET project to C#. Although there were minor problems with the converted code, I got my answer. Thanks Hamed for fast reply.
Hamed ZaghaghiProgrammerCommented:
thank for correct answer ;)
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