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Win98 machine not allowing others to connect to it.

Customer has many Win98 machines, all are SP2.

All computers get IP from DHCP.

All computers can see other computers and use resources.

Have one rouge computer that can see all the other computers and use their resources, but will not let any other computers attach to it.

I can ping the IP address that DHCP gives it, but cannot ping the computers name.

I sounds like an LMHosts problem, but it used to work.  The LMHosts file on all of the other systems can't have gone bad all at once.

I have changed the nic card, no difference.

I have put in a static IP and no difference.

When I do a NET VIEW command, the name of the system shows up, but can't access it.

I have changed the name of the system and the changed name showes up, but can't access it.

Has Norton AV 2005 on it.  No other firewall software of any kind.

It sounds like there is some kind of firewall but I've looked over the whole system and there's nothing else running.

I ran HiJackThis on it and nothing out the ordinary is there.

I worked on this for about 1.5 hours today and I am stumped.

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1 Solution
gandamidAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I meant they are Win98, SE
Joseph HornseyPresident and JanitorCommented:

The fact that you can ping the IP address but not the name points to a name resolution problem; however, as you pointed out, the LMHOSTS files on all the other computers probably did *NOT* go bad all at once.  Also, if all of the computers are on the same network segment, then they're not even using the LMHOSTS file anyway; only the entries with #PRE (which are preloaded into the NetBIOS name cache) are going to impact name resolution at all.  If they're all on the same segment, they're most likely resolving via broadcast.  To test this, ping the computer by name and see if an IP address appears in the responses (whether or not the ping is successful).  If you're getting an IP address in the heading of the reply, then name resolution isn't your problem.  If not, then troubleshoot name resolution first.  Remember that Win98 machines perform resolution in this order:  1. NetBIOS Name Cache, 2. Broadcast, 3. LMHOSTS file.  If there's a WINS server on the network (since they're DHCP clients) they'll resolve this way:  1. NetBIOS Name Cache, 2. WINS Server, 3. Broadcast, 4. LMHOSTS file.

See if your Norton AV 2005 has a firewall feature that may be enabled.  If so, that's your problem.  Any firewall software is going to keep NetBIOS sessions from being created.  It will also keep the computer from responding to broadcasts which is probably why the NetBIOS name resolution is failing.

Let me know what this stuff does.

Also, recommend to your customers that they upgrade to an OS that was developed and released in this century.  :-)

gandamidAuthor Commented:

From another computer, if I Ping the rouge with PING BARBARA, it does give me the IP address in the header, but then all the pings time out.

They are all on the same segment, the DHCP is a router.

I thought of the Norton 2005 / Firewall, Norton doesn't have a firewall built into just the NAV product.  And this was going on before the NAV 2005 was loaded.

This is one of those companies that will spend a mint on television advertising for their company, but the computers run until they won't run anymore.  I think the IT guy is trying to get Win2k put on some of the machines.

I had him run WinSockFix on this machine a couple of weeks ago.

I think I'm about to recommend to him to go ahead and load Win2k and stop messing with this thing.

Joseph HornseyPresident and JanitorCommented:

Yeah... I know the type you're referring to... they'll spend $20K on a management retreat and the "worker bees" are still using Pentium IIs.

If you're getting an IP address back in the ping header, then name resolution is not the problem.  Since the computer can ping others, then ICMP isn't the issue.

This is a good one... let me see if I can delve into my old Win 98 stuff and see if I can come up with something.

In the mean time, I try to present things like this:  "You can spend $X paying my hourly rate, or you can spend $150 on an upgrade to Windows XP".  That tends to work.  :-)

gandamidAuthor Commented:
The customer decided to install a new hd with win 2k loaded on it ..  so, whatever the problem, it went away ..  Thanks for the suggestions.  

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