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URGENT Hiding/ Restricting the drives of client pcs in a domain

        CAN any one helpme out

I have created a domain and given the restiction to users for right click and desktop throug group policy....
I have shifted users profiles ..(Document and seetings, my  
 documents, favorities desktop) to a home folder in the server through changing the path of  home folder and profile folder of each user. but my problem is that  :-

1. I have to restict the users from  individual client pcs to acess the hard disk .... is their any  restirction through  which  i can restirct the  drives and partitions ...in each client pcs from the server.

2. I want to restrict, backup and recover registry of every client pcs  to the server is thier any opriion .. to restirct any files programs softwares or scripts (Active x control or any illegal program)  to acees registry of individual (client)  pcs through .. a progaram or directly .

3.  I have tried to block actiev x control by registry editing and by ezfirewall but my  problem is that it just disbles many web sites and email sites and gives many files to be open and my users get frustted by security features is their any way out to control these activex so that whenever i want i can give a password and enabvle to a user.. or a group of trusted users ..without loging it of or switching to diff user.
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2 Solutions
1. if they are only domain users and not local administrators they can not create a share
2. if they are only domain users they cannot edit the registries, you can backup all the clients with some backup solution like tapeware form yosemite tech or backupexec from veritas - it will be costly
3. you can create a different GPO for a group of users
pawankkAuthor Commented:

1. i want to give acess  to the users to a map drive of server than the local partitions and want to hide  c:  d: e: f : g: drives of all systems ..can it be possible to hide from the domain group policy or user policy if yes how....???

2. yes it can be restircted but the files can the promagrams scrips and activex  controls changes them (startup files). can those registries of clients can idividully be backed up on the  server pc .. and then can be resotred from the network pc itself then attching  tape drive ro cd  to individual pcs..

3. yah thanx i got it ... actually i wana change the permision of users on requwst form the server i know i can move the user from  one group to another but how to apply them on the  client pcs without restarting or looging off.. is thiere any comand..

4. is there any  command to ..change from one user ...to administartor  ..without logging off  or restarting ... the pc by  giving the ...passowrd and user name ....
1. you can hide it by installing a internet cafe like program like the on on www.antamedia.com
2. it canot be restored itself you have to do a scheduled job for that
3. you can apply the GPO by running the gpudate /force command on the workstation
4. NO

what do you need all this for? maybe i could help you more if i know what are you goiong to achieve.
you can hide all local drives on a clients PC if they participate in the domain through a GPO go here:

User configuration --> admin templates --> windows explorer

You will see a place to hide the drives or prohibit access all together. There are some security holes with this through certain applications (IE word) but thats  Windows for you and most end users dont have any idea how to do it.


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