Problem overwriting MS Access Database

I want to overwrite the file for my Access Database but an error prevents it. My webhost technical support says the the database is open and that is why I can't overwright it. They tell me that the script is supposed to close the database but I had this issue before and expert exchange helpers explained to me that the database is open and closed by the server and not the script. The webhost technical support tells me as long as the .lbd file exists, the database is open. I have tried to delete this file but am not able to. Can someone help me figure out why I can't overwright my database file?
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There are two solutions that seemed to have worked for others:
- create two mdbs, one with data, one that has tables linked (not imported)
- set the mdb that is linked to the other as your datasource
- the mdb with the data is then always unlocked and you can always replace it
- create an page with an erroneous query
- run the page, and it seems to unlock the mdb

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Excellent suggestions from DanielSKim.

Just FYI, the database is open because the CFAdministrator is set to cache database connections.  There is a setting for how many minutes to cache them, so if all else fails, you can deactivate the site's data access and wait for the timeout, or get the host to restart the CFServer and the database will be unlocked.  As you can see, DanielSKim's methods are much preferable.
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