conventions ?

here is the situation.

I started at a new company and there are very little or no standards. not in code, not in procedure, no anywhere. I have always come into places and adopted their way of doing things. this is a first time I have had to be the one to come up with procedure from scratch. so I figured I would ask what procedures, rules... have you found worked and didn't work.

the reason I ask is because we had a disaster the other day. a jr. developer posted code to the live site and we were unable to trace the problem for most of the day. another issue we had was I found a file on the live web server was not the same as the version in vss.

we are running iis/ asp, we have a working vss database and such. we have a dev server we test on and a live server. we get about 3-9 million hits a month so it is verrrrryyyyy important we don't screw up like this anymore.

any help or ideas would be great,
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Arthur_WoodConnect With a Mentor Commented:
first thing to do is to institute a strict policy that ALL updates to the LIVE server MUST be done by a Senior level developer (even better, have a Senior level technically capable, non-developer do this).  All updates to the LIVE system MUST go through this person, and it will no longer be the case that ANYONE can make updates to the live system.

2) ALL updates to the live system must be thoroughly TESTED first, in an environment that is as close to the live system configuration as possible.  We have a three tiered approach : 1) Development server - all new development is done there, after unit testing on the individual developers box, 2) isolated TEST server, which is a precise copy of the current state of the Production server, with the exception of the state of the actual data tables, 3) Production server.

After development, the new code is moved to the TEST server by the Test manager (not by the developers), and the Test manager then is responsible for thoroughly testing the new code, on TEST.  Only after the TEST version is acceptable, then the Test manager (or a Sr level designee) updates VSS with the current version of the code, and installs that verion into production.  The procedures for this are very strict, which is why a Sr Level person, who understands the process, is responsible for this.  Jr level developers NEVER tough either the TEST system, or Production (under no circumstances, whatsoever).


kacalapyAuthor Commented:
not what i was looking for but since you are the only one that took the time to answer, enjoy the points.

good points though
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