Roaming Profile not fully loading

Profile stored on Win 2K server, desktop clients are W2k Pro.
One of the user accounts on the domain has a roaming profile that is used primarily to create a consistent desktop. Lately that user has continued to be able to log in OK but seems their desktop fails to load completely. Only a small number of the usual 20 shortcuts show up on the desktop. Since the user can't find his programs now, they typically restart the PC which upon log in loads the entire desktop correctly. Problem is the powers that be around here find this unacceptable.
Anyone know what can be causing this?? There are no error messages during login.
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This could be a corrupt Profile.  Go to the relevent server with the profile storage area and rename the users profile to something like usernamexxx.  Get the user to log on again, which will automatically create a new profile in the same location as the old one (hence renaming the old one), then get the user to log off.  Go into the old renamed profile and copy across all the shortcut icons to the new profiles desktop.  Get the user to log on and see if this works.  If it does great, if not, let me know.


PS.  If it does work I'd keep the old profile for a week, just in case, then delete it.

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Brian_BlairAuthor Commented:
?? If the roaming profile is renamed, won't the user get some kind of error message when they log on to the effect of roaming profile could not be located??

Also , if I have an old backup of the profile on tape, from before when the problems started, is that the route I should go??

Log on to the local PC that the user logs onto, logon as as admin. Under Documents and Settings, to create a new profile you will also have to rename the local profile for the user that has been downloaded from your server (if your AD does not delete local profiles)  Rename the local profile and the server profile, this is just a safety net in case you have to revert back. After you have renamed the profile and the user logs on, it will use the Default User profile because it cannot find a roaming profile.
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Brian_BlairAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the posts so far. I have not resolved the issue.
I am increasing points and giving more info in hopes someone can help.
1- AD is set up to delete cached local profile
2- I have dozens of PC's (kiosks) that log on with this same username and profile every day. They log on automatically at the same time of day.
3- Only a small percentage of these PC's do not load their roaming profile desktop successfully. Probably 10%.
4- I have checked disk space on the server where te profile is stored. It is OK.
5- I grabbed a copy of the profile from a backup tape that is 3 weeks old(before the problem started) replaced the current profile directory with it. Didn't seem to help.
6- Different PC's are displaying this behavior. If 2 out of 20 failed this morning. It will be a different 2 or 3 tomarrow.

Brian_BlairAuthor Commented:
Anyone else have anything to add? As you can see from previous posts, only a small percentage of PC's are failing to fully load the desktop. How can it be a corrupt profile if most PC's don't have a problem??
Brian_BlairAuthor Commented:
Thanks for trying but this never really got solved.
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