Stop Forwarding Junk E-mail to the Blackberry

We have just rolled out about 10 Blackberry 7250s to our executives.  They are all using at least version 4.0 of the firmware.  We also have a BES server running on server 2003.  We have Exchange 2003 running on Server 2003.  Our clients are using Outlook 2003.  Right now, every message that comes in is forwarded to the Blackberrys, including email that automatically goes into the Junk E-mail folder in Outlook.  Some of our executives are getting over 100 spam emails a day.  Is there anyway to NOT forward Junk E-mail to the Blackberry?
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Only if you are using spam filtering, such as BrightMail, that works upstream from your exchange server.......if it comes in inbound to the exchange server, it it going to go out throw the BES.

You are doing you spam filtering in Outlook, which is downstream from the exchange by the time the spam is filtered out, it has been already transfered from Exchange to BES.

Not to plug a particular product, but we have been very happy with Brightmail...had it for almost a's cheap as such things go....$1100 a year for l00 users or has almost entirely eliminated spam on our system....and we have not had a single false positive in that time......and most of all, from your point of view, it filters spam *before* it gets to Exchange and BES.....there are a bunch of filters on the market that will do that.

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