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Can not get large Corel Draw File to Fully Print ot a Designjet 130.

Have a Corel Draw 12 image that was created to 92" wide by 78" long.   The HP 130 is 24" wide, so we are tiling the pages 4 x 2 (8 pages).  Corel will only print the first tile and then over 2 hours went by before we gave up.   The processor is a P4 2.4 with 2 gigs of RAM using a USB connection to the HP 130.

So we created an Adobe Acrobat file to print.  This works only on the low quality setting.  When we tile out pages over low quality the printer goes part way to the printer on each page and quites.  As you move up from low to normal to high we get shorter pages.

Also in the conversion between Corel and Acrobat we lose some sizing as the Corel image was 92" x 78" the Acrobat image comes out 90 x 78.

Any one have any suggestions or other sources that might help us?  The software company's haven't helped and HP only states that the tiling aspect of the print driver is part of the software not the print driver.

Help!!  John
1 Solution

What is the actual file size of the Corel image?

Are you using any transparent layers in the image, if so is it alot?

How long does it take to print the 1st tile and is layer and transparent intensive compared to what you think the 2nd tile would be?

Basically here is what I'm getting at...

If the file size is large 20mb + and you have alot of layers and/or transparent objects these will have to be flattened by the printer driver which I've seen for some images which end up making printing file size balloon 10 - 20 times the original file size. And if the 1st tile prints up fairly quickly and it has little or no layers or transparent objects and the 2nd tile starts getting into the actual image with a considerable amount of layers and transparent objects that could count for the lag time between tile 1 and tile 2. Also depending on if you are using a USB 1 or USB 2 connection and the length of the cable this can slow you down.

Try printing the image again as you did before but this time select print to file and check what the size is. If it is huge then you might have to chop up the image the image into the individual tile sizes and print them one at a time.

Hope this helps.

MaclainAuthor Commented:
We solved the problem. We'll acctually HP provided a work around and tweeked our diver setup.  Thanks though for the effort though.

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