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Once deployed will users have access to my code?

I am about to deploy a newly created application to PCs which are accessed by many.  What I want to know is this: will users (or anyone else that happens to sit at those PCs) be able to access my source code for the application?

If so, is it possible to prevent this?

I have looked in the solution's folder and none of those files contain anything that remotely resembles my code but I wanted to be sure.

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In theory they can de-compile the Common Intermediate Language (CIL) code generated by your programming environment.  If you want to protect your code from prying eyes, you will need to use code Obfuscation. Essentially, Obfuscation scrambles and overrides variable and methods, encrypts strings, and causes off-the-shelf decompilers to choke.

Here's a list of some tools available:
dont mean to impose how can u view the code of a executable???? Like u are stating.... Is there a certain program that will do this----again not meaning to impose, u don't have to answer this, just curious.....
No imposition.  Write a simple "Hello Word" executable, open in Notepad...  You can see the method names, properties, etc.

A tool provided by Microsoft is the Ildasm.exe (MSIL Disassembler) program, provide it with a .net executable, and it'll allow you to see lots of information about the program.
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