Cisco CSS 11150 configuration


We use a CISCO CSS 11150 for load balancing 2 machines.

Currently I don't have SSL setup on the machines. To attempt to get this working, I purchased a seperate SSL certificate for each server (because my CSS doesn't have an SSL card in it and does not support one), installed the certificates (they are working fine) on their own seperate IP address for each server using port 443.

Here is the existing CSS script:

"Service" entries eg.

service machine-1
  ip address
  keepalive type http
  keepalive uri "/file.htm"

service machine-1
  ip address
  keepalive type http
  keepalive uri "/file.htm"

and then "Owner" entries eg.

content machines-https
  add service machine-1
  add service machine-2
  protocol tcp
  port 443
  vip address
  advanced-balanc sticky-srcip
  application ssl

Currently (using the CSS configuration script above) whenever I try to load a https page the page just IE just sits ie. does not display any error, it just never finds the page and has a blank screen. Same with FireFox. Therefore I think it is my CSS configuration script.

Is this script incorrect? Should this work?

Thanks in advance.
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In the first part of your script you have repeated the name "service machine-1" where you probably meant to put "service machine-2" in the second service entry. Is that the way it is in the real configuration?

Is it correct to put the network diagram this way:

x.x.x.1       |------|           |Cisco |------------------[IEclient-machine]
httpserver2|        |         vvv.vvv.vvv.vvv
x.x.x.2       |------|

And that on the IE client machine, you enter "https://vvv.vvv.vvv.vvv/mypage"?

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If it did solve the problem, what's with the grade of "C"?

I wish EE had some kind of arbitration mechanism to address this type of issue.
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