Change cell text in a datagrid URGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGENT!!!!!!!!!!

I just can't work it out!!!

I'm using VB.NET version 2003, i have a datagrid, i know the cell and row at which i am at. I would like to change the text within that cell. I need a reliable way to do it for the application must be stable.

Simple yet complex as! It seems the new version of VB.NET comes with a "better" datagrid control, but that's not an option.

sample code would be really helpful. i MUST be able to change text using the column/row index.


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Brian CroweConnect With a Mentor Database AdministratorCommented:
have you tried

myDatagrid(row)(column) = myString

I know you can get the value this ways...not sure if you can set it the same.  Typically I address the underlying datasource instead of the datagrid directly.  Is this an option for you?

undysheltsAuthor Commented:
Thank you so much, here i was trying to complicate the situation!
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