Set up EFS on W2000, suggestions?

I am considering setting up EFS on our 2000 domain to protect some of our data.  We have about 50 users with 15 or so laptops that are mostly remote.  I am considering using EFS to secure some of our data that would reside on server shares and MyDocs folders on laptops, but am a bit afraid of causing issues, so looking for feedback/suggestions.  We have some confidential data that we would not want to accidentally fall into other people hands if a laptop were lost or if a user wanted to try and email out certain data.

Would EFS protect against these scenarios and if so, any practical design/implementation suggestions.  I would maybe like to try a pilot


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mcp_jonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Steve,

Within EFS folders, the user that created the file remains with the full permission over the file, so it's not suitable for what you are trying to do! Also, if the user looses the ability to get the file, then it's Encrypted 4ever, unless you get it out to a Fat or Fat32 partition.

But try it out yourself : "".

You may use some other 3rd Party software to encrypt the folders, check : "

Best Regards !
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