Automating Statspack Report

  Can any one tell me how to automate statspack report so that it generates the report every 1/2 hr .

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To be able to make comparisons of performance from one day, week or year to the next, there must be multiple snapshots taken over a period of time.  A minimum of two snapshots are required before any performance characteristics of the application and database can be made.
  The best method to gather snapshots is to automate the collection on a regular time interval.  It is possible to do this:
    - Within the database, using the Oracle dbms_job procedure to schedule the snapshots
    - Using Operating System utilities (such as 'cron' on Unix or 'at' on NT) to schedule the snapshot.  
- Scheduling StatsPack snapshots using DBMS_JOB package
  To use an Oracle-automated method for collecting statistics, you can use dbms_job.  A sample script on how to do this is supplied in statsauto.sql, which schedules a snapshot every hour, on the hour.
  In order to use dbms_job to schedule snapshots, the job_queue_processes  initialization parameter must be set to greater than 0 in the configuration  file used to start the instance for the job to be run automatically.
  Example of an init<SID>.ora entry:
    #  Set to enable the job queue process to start.  This allows dbms_job
    #  to schedule automatic statistics collection using STATSPACK
  If using statsauto.sql in OPS environment, the statsauto.sql script must be run once on each instance in the cluster.  Similarly, the job_queue_processes parameter must also be set for each instance.
Changing the interval of statistics collection
  To change the interval of statistics collection use the dbms_job.intervalprocedure e.g.
      execute dbms_job.interval(1,'SYSDATE+(1/48)');
  Where 'SYSDATE+(1/48)' will result in the statistics being gathered each 1/48 hours (i.e. every half hour).
  To force the job to run immediately,  
      execute<job number>);
  To remove the autocollect job,
      execute dbms_job.remove(<job number>);
  For more information on dbms_job, see the Supplied Packages Reference Manual.
Gathering a StatsPack snapshot
  The simplest interactive way to take a snapshot is to login to SQL*Plus as the PERFSTAT user, and execute the procedure statspack.snap:
       SQL>  connect perfstat/perfstat
       SQL>  execute statspack.snap;

i think u can use statsauto.sql script which will help u in automating the process

wht u can do is write a script to connect to the particulatuser it should also call this script..make it as a shell script and put it in tne crontab and set ur time

if in windows make it as abatch file and put it in the scheduler..


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