Problems with QMAIL + vpopmail (Uh-oh:_.qmail_has_prog_delivery_but_has_x_bit_set._(#4.7.0))

I get this message in the qmail-send log:
@40000000424a527b256a73fc delivery 346: deferral: Uh-oh:_.qmail_has_prog_delivery_but_has_x_bit_set._(#4.7.0)/

I think this happened after I restored the vpopmail from another server to this new one. How do I fix this now?
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it_alchemistConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The .qmail file that handles this delivery contains a program delivery but has the executable bit set. Either remove the program delivery, or chmod
-x the .qmail file.

The domains in vpopmail might also be corrupt from the restore. You may need to remove them and readd them.

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