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Reading and displaying images from an access database in dreamweaver mx using Coldfusion mx

I have an access database with about 400 images, these images are all stored in 1 folder call images in the root folder. with the code I have all the images are appearing on the same page, how do you make them appear one by one?
heres my code.....

<CFQUERY NAME="sel_image" DATASOURCE="databaseproject.mdb">  
<title>Untitled Document</title>
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">

<CFOUTPUT QUERY="sel_image">  
<IMG SRC="images/#image#"><BR></CFOUTPUT>
1 Solution
have a look at your earlier question that was posted:

You have to do some sort of paging.  The code below shows 10 images per page.  If you want one per page then change the rowsperpage.

Put this at the top of the page
<!--- ------------------------------- --->
<cfquery NAME="sel_image" DATASOURCE="databaseproject.mdb">

<!--- Set up defaults so we can display results in Next-N interface --->
     <cfparam name="URL.StartRow" type="numeric" default="1">
     <cfparam name="URL.ShowAll" type="boolean" default="No">
     <cfset TotalRows = GetItems.RecordCount>
     <cfif URL.ShowAll>
          <cfset RowsPerPage = TotalRows>
          <cfset RowsPerPage = 10>
     <cfset EndRow = Min(StartRow + RowsPerPage - 1, TotalRows)>
     <!--- Set up the start row for next and back buttons --->
     <cfset NextStart = EndRow + 1>
     <cfset BackStart = StartRow - RowsPerPage>
<!--- ------------------------------- --->

Put this in the page where you want to display the records
<!--- ------------------------------- --->
<cfloop query="sel_image" startrow="#StartRow#" endrow="#EndRow#">
<!--- code to display each record goes here --->
<IMG SRC="images/#image#"><br>
<!--- ------------------------------- --->

Put this at the bottom of the page
<!--- ------------------------------- --->
<cfset Pagenum = 1>
<cfif TotalRows GT 0>Page</cfif>
<cfloop index="Row" from="1" to="#TotalRows#" step="#RowsPerPage#">
     <!--- If Pagenum is current page then show without link --->
     <cfif Row EQ StartRow>
          <a href="Display.cfm?CatID=#CatID#&StartRow=#Row#">#Pagenum#</a>
     <cfset Pagenum = Pagenum + 1>
Displaying <b><cfif TotalRows GT 0>#StartRow#<cfelse>0</cfif></b> to <b>#EndRow#</b> of <b>#TotalRows#</b> Items
<!--- ------------------------------- --->

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