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To my image processing system i selected as my development tool. I need a comparisson of java, vb, vc++ and justifying on what i have selected. Please guide me...
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Jaime OlivaresSoftware ArchitectCommented:
Language selection will depend of the kind of application you want to produce and the platforms you want to support.
I think these previous discussion where I have participated could be helpful:
Last one has a link to this comparative page:

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C# is certainly a great choice. For your needs, unless you are rendering real time 3d type stuff there is no need for c++. Those are great links Jaime posted but I just wanted to give my perspective. At this point it is really a cliche to say "VB is garbage" and "C++ is the only real development tool." Nonsense. VB6 and prior were not very good, no. But now VB.NET is a first class citizen, *nearly* anything you can do with C# you can do with VB.NET (you probably won't do much that VB.NET can't do). Really C# has the same "drag and drop" functionality. The thing is, do you want to spend your time writing business logic OR writing UI AND Business logic? C++ gives you all the power and frustration that comes with working with pointers.  

I think your choice should depend on your experience, if you have used C/C++ or Java or any C-style language then C# will make the most sense to you. Now if it is more important to impress your friends with arcane machine knowledge then definitely C++ =). For most applications though, I don't think you need to write unmanaged code and have a thorough knowledge of pointer arithmetic and so forth. That's just my view though.
Jaime OlivaresSoftware ArchitectCommented:
I am aware that C++ is not the best language for every need (maybe the links are much C++ oriented), C# is a good high-level alternative to C++. In the VB side, is the natural replacement because VB6 is clearly walking to his dead.
But if we are talking about image processing, unmanaged C++ is unbeatable in performance (I hate managed C++ by the way, I think that competes with C# capabilities).
VB has never been used for high performance processing, even it lacks of some features like bit manipulations, has some enhancements but continues the "general purpose" line, C# is closer to high performance, I think. So, you choose!!!
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