Restricting bandwidth for ftp and web server

Hi, I am sure this is a fairly easy one but my brain is still in sleep mode today,so I will offer 500 points for being kind to me ;-)

I have a Windows 2000 advanced server running that is also the DC.  IIS is running and I have 2 web pages and 1 ftp site.  Everything is working well.  Here is what I want to do:
1) I want to limit the bandwidth for ftp during the day so I am not competing for bandwidth.  I know you can limit network bandwidth from the server properties in IIS but that is for both WWW and FTP.  Is there another way?
2) I want to be able to monitor ftp and www bandwidth. Can I use Network monitor?  If so, what do I need to do?

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i do nto believe thsi can be acomplished with IIS alone you would need to add something like ISA server to the system to give you more granularity over bandwidth restrictions.

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you can throttle the bandwidth for each website and each ftp site individually.  All you do is rightclick on the site and choose properties.  then go to the performance page.  There is not a way to limit it based on times of the day natively however.  If you make a change it will change it until it is changed back.
the above should be done from the IIS console.  sorry i forgot to mention that.
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isitcomputersAuthor Commented:
Ftp site properties has no performance tab.  That is the one I need to restrict the most. Thanks for the Web performance tip.  Almost there.
sorry about that,, the server i was checking this on just had www on it... i assumed they would have the same throttling options,, another M$ feature that is missing...
isitcomputersAuthor Commented:
That's okay M$ makes me wonder sometimes.  I constantly say aloud "Why would they do that?" or "Not included? Why not"?
Can't be about making more $, can it?  
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