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I am exporting a project from Fireworks, that has slices, into html so I can edit it further in Dreamweaver. My problem is that after I export, the sliced images quality goes down. For example a background that has text over it becomes patchy or blury. I have gone thru the export wizard and set it to JPG and 100%, but that doesn't seem to affect it. I think I must be overlooking a setting somewhere. Can you help?
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Hi comtekso,

There are a number of reasons why you might be getting unpredictable results. I'm answering this from a FW MX (not 2004) perspective; please let me know if you're on a different version and have different features etc.

1 - Is the exported image(s) different from what you see in the Preview tab, or when you Preview in Browser (F12)? (be careful not to change any settings between operations)

2 - Did you set smoothing in the Optimise panel or Export Preview settings? This will cause blurring.

3 - I notice that even if you set JPEG Quality to 100 in the Optimize panel, it reduces to 80 in the Export Wizard. Just something to watch out for...

4 - If you started with a high-resolution document, it's possible Fireworks may have automatically reduced it to the 72 or 96 dpi that browsers are supposedly limited to. (Can't be certain of this one, but easy enough to check on.)

5 - (A more general point here) Are you sure JPEG is the best format for what you're designing? If it's only graphics, consider using GIFs. If there is a mix of graphic / photo content, you can get nice results with PNG.

Remember, the best way to get help with a particular file is to put it online so we can have a look. If you don't have your own webspace, you could use an image-hosting service like MSN Groups, PhotoBucket or to upload the Fireworks doc (it's a PNG so will be treated as an image).
comteksoAuthor Commented:
I am using FW MX 2004.

Here are some of the slices. The one that have text on them are the one that are blury. There is one that has no text and it looks fine. I will check the suggestions above this afternoon and let you know what I find.
I see what you mean - the distortion is actually the colour of the text, so it is indeed the text that's causing the problem.

For graphics of this type, I'd suggest using GIF or PNG image-type, as JPEG is 'lossy' compression applied to the image even when you set the quality to 100%. With GIF you can set the number of colours in the palette, then increase/reduce one colour at a time for best results.

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comteksoAuthor Commented:
OK, thanks. Changing it to a gif seemed to do the trick.
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