ADUC on Exchange Server setting default DC

On my Exchange 2003 Enterprise server I have the Active Directory Users and Computers snapin setup to perform the Exchange Tasks.  What I've noticed is that each time I start up ADUC, it connects to "any writeable domain controller".  I have 5 DCs accross the WAN and I would like it to always default to my local DC and not any of the remotes.  What I have to do now is start up ADUC and wait a minute or two for it to fire up, then change the DC by right-clicking on Active Directory Users and Computers, then selecting connect to Domain Controller, then specifying my local DC.  After I make that change, it flies very fast, otherwise from any of the remote DCs, it's slow as molasses.  Is t here any way to change the default from "Any Writeable" to a specific DC?

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Exchange_AdminConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you seen this article:;en-us;214676
HOW TO: Change the Default Selection in the Active Directory Manager Snap-in
avatechAuthor Commented:
Hmm ok so it looks like I need to just modify the shortcut to the ADUC to include the switch for the server ... that should work thanks a bunch!
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