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Modem getting NO CARRIER, but works for different locations

We use a payroll software that dials out to other remote locations via dial up modem and pulls the time.
On my computer, I open the software, i select the location and it dials to it, completing the handshake, and then it starts to pull the data.  
We have our PCI Modem (Zoom) and it dials to a modem in our time clock.

It can dial to one location and talks to the modem, handshake and all.
It dials to the other location and it starts the handshake, but then it comes up NO CARRIER.  You can hear it communicating with the other modem.  And I know NO CARRIER usually means the remote modem dropped the connection.  Correct?

So.......we had the time clock providers change the receiving time clock modems.  Then neither worked.  After swapping those clocks around a few times, as stated above, we can only successfully dial completely to one location.
We tried a different line and same results.  I then tried it from our server, same unsuccessful results.  Lastly, I tried it from my laptop and it pulls both stores fine.  Modems talk with no issue.
But, I know after verifying everything, it doesnt sound like its my internal or external modem, phone lines, PC, or software.
I Have:
Changed the internal modem..................no success
Changed to an external modem...............no success.
Changed settings such as the baud rate...........no success.
Verified the PC sees the modem through the Query...........
Set up IE to dial out. through the modem instead of our T1 lines.........it works fine.
Changed the PC for another PC, same problem, even with a third internal modem.......no success
Had the Telephone company verify the lines are strong...............
Had local phone guy verify the wiring of the jacks and phone box...........
Changed the phone cables and all other hardware...........
Reinstalled the time clock software........no success

I am lost.  I tried everything once or twice.  It starts to point one way, then it points to another.  My personal conclusion is that our modem(internal or external) has a problem with the remote modem.  The remote modem having the NO CARRIER issue is set up with its basic functions, nothing changed.

Any suggestions or guidance?  Please help it has been three weeks of working around this issue.
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1 Solution
>>   We tried a different line and same results.  I then tried it from our server, same unsuccessful results.  Lastly, I tried it from my laptop and it pulls both stores fine.  Modems talk with no issue.  << this looks like the problem is PC or OS related, so my first advice would be try a setup from a separate pc, with a fresh OS;
what OS are you using? maybe a repair of it can help
i suppose the quering of the modem is always ok?
cjjimbosAuthor Commented:
You know, i reinstalled the OS and same issue.  I then used another PC and same issue.  I then put a modem from our server, different line, same issue.  I then reinstalled the software, same issue.  It seems like it points to one thing, but when I replace that one thing, it points to something else.
it looks like the modem is not cooperative witjh your system ; what modem are we talking about? what system and OS?
cjjimbosAuthor Commented:
Looks like the software was the issue with its compatability with the Modem.  We ended up adding into the softwares INI file, the modem configurations, so that both modems were configured correctly to talk to each other.

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