Problems with symantic ghost

I am using Symantic Ghost corporate edition 8.0 and the procedure I followed is

Method 1.
I have installed Symantic Ghost console client software on client machine during the installation I have given the Image server on which I have to store the image.
Client machine and server machine are present on the same network
I have Installed Symantic ghost Standard tools on Server machine
and I have followed a series of steps given in the manual after performing series of steps when I started the imaging, a window automatically displayed on the client machine which indicates that there is a communication between server and client machines
then on server machine it gave me a warning that

"There are machines in the task that may use the virtual partition but do not have a valid template selected. This may cause the machines to fail this task. Do you wish to continue "

when I press continue if works few seconds and then terminates the imaging process.
This happened several times. I searched on net and found no solution to this.

Method 2.

I tried another method here on client machine I have created client boot floppies using Ghost Boot wizard, here in Network Interface Card it did not show my NIC (Which is 3COM Gigabit NIC (3C2000)) I have tried installing the driver from my NIC driver CD I have tried installing NDIS driver and Packet Driver it did not work with Packet driver but worked with NDIS driver. I have finished creating boot floppy, and when I tried to boot the client machine with these boot floppies it did not show me "Ghostcast" option" I mean it is disabled, I need this option inorder to select "Directed Broadcast" option.

So I was unable to do imaging using both these methods. If anyone is aware of this situation please help me.
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mysticaldanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Read here for the exact steps you need to take to create a Ghost Boot CD with network support and check if there is something ur missing out.

Also read here how to make the floppy with support for ur card.

Also its possible that ur version of GHOST does not support multicast on P2P. Howevere incorrect NIC drivers can also cause the same problem. Read here for more info :

There is also a possibility of the Switch that you have which might be be blocking Multicast broadcasts.

I however think its a problem with the NIC drivers. Once u have that sorted out it shud work without any problems.

nagulasAuthor Commented:
Hi Mysticaldan,

As you said it was the problem with NIC driver, I have solved this issue. My next step is to restore this image which I have created, on a new machine which is present on the network.
How to dump this image on a machine present in the network. Can you send me some useful links.

Thanks for your reply.
Please see if this solves ur issue. The nature of restoration will be same as for any other verion like Ghost 8.0 or 9.0.

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