Exchange does not let me send emails when I remotely log into my mail server (Windows 2003 server)

Greetings,  I have a Windows 2003 server and I regularly log in to my emails remotely using Exchange via https.  This works
fine on remote machines running XP but I have one laptop which I am stuck with for another year that is running Windows 2000.  For some reason when I access my email remotely via Exchange it connects to my server fine and I can read my emails but if I do a reply or create a new email the body of the email where I type my message is not availble to type anything in.  It is colored blue and has a small box with a red X in it.  I tryed playing with the security settings but to no avail.  I also turn off any proxy settings. Any ideas ?
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DowwieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you using Offce xp or 2003 on the XP machines and office 2000 on the Windows 2000 machine?  I think the Outlook 2003 is the one that supports https Exchange....
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