For linux command ls -l it shows the following

For linux command ls -l it shows the following
$>ls -l
-rw-r--r--  1 build users   1318 Mar 26 13:07 wineselected.jsp
Can anyone tell me what is -rw-r--r-- (what is this permission mean)
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USER has read and write permission but not execute(2nd,3rd 4th chars)
GROUP has only read permission (5th 6th 7th)
OTHERS have read permission (8th 9th 10th)

cutie_smilyAuthor Commented:
this file is created by someone a my office and now i was able to delete characters from file but could not write anything why is that ..and what do you mean (2nd,3rd 4th chars)

the first - is a special permission (usually 'd' for directories, 'b' for block special files etc...)
the next
rw- denote owner permission. i.e the owner has read/write but not execute permission (notice the last '-' indicating absence of execute)
next r--
indiate group permissions. This is for those whose primary group is the same as the primary grou of the owner.
As you can see, they have only read permission. no write, no execute.

next r-- indicate permissions for othr users who do not fall into the above category. They again have only read permissions.

Although if you can delete characters and save a file, you can certainly write to it (as far as permissions are concerened)


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